Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Indian Union

How many of us are proud of being Indian ? I am proud, although the genetic inferiority complex irritates me.  In India, so many races collide and when they do, there is bound to be friction. First, let us all agree that India would have been multiple separate countries if not for the English and a few revolutionaries. I sometimes wonder how it would have been if India had been an continent like the European Union. We would need passports to travel from Punjab to Rajasthan. Travelling from from Chennai to Bangalore would have been a whole different ball game. You would be proudly proclaiming how many countries you have visited instead of the number of states you have been to.

I have had my fair share of experiences of the friction. Different backgrounds do cause misunderstandings. Of course, having studied in a multicultural school, I always failed to typify different cultures as things never stood out to me. A teeka never stood out to me, a burqa never phased me and Anglican prayer beads never interested me. I would not be wrong if I said most of classmates would be numbed to cultural shocks. I am proud of that fact.

I always introduce myself as a Bangalorean even though I am from a small village near Kanniyakumari. Having spent most of my childhood in Bangalore, I guess it is justified. And it saves the trouble of explaining exactly where I am from. There will once come a time when it would be hard to trace back one's origins. That is a day I am eagerly waiting for. That will be the day we know we have really put aside our differences. Our backgrounds, although play a major part in our upbringing, should not matter at the present moment. One should be judged by the present, not by their roots.